Welcome to my journey

Soulful expressions of a pilgrim’s journey

Prayer 1

This is my initial post. I welcome all of you to join me on the journey that I am undertaking to walk with my Lord and my Savior through this life. This blog will be devoted mostly to my prayers, quotes(myself and others)  prayerful poetry and that of others. My goal in this undertaking is to share and encourage you as you go along. I pray about virtually everything -my problems, that of others, politics, my sports teams etc.I may also share from the archives of a spiritual diary I kept years ago. I am trying to focus on praising God as much as possible this year so you may see quite some praise. The Lord has been good to me and I want to use all the gifts He has graciously endowed me with. Please contribute with comments to help me and do not forget to drop a prayer my way I thank you in advance.

“Oh Lord God I thank you for this day and year. You have been so good to me. I can only say thank you, thank you. Please guide my step each day. I commit this week into your Hands . Please take charge and may everyday be to you glory. Thank you Father. Amen”-mko-1/17/16



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