He is in charge


Winter Storm Jonas

Ah Lord God you have truly made the heavens and the earth. Everything is subject to your will and control even when we as puny men pretend to be in charge. You move your hand and we fall at your mercy. Lord this week-end we have seen once more your power as you manifest in the events of nature. You sent winter Storm Jonas our way and we have indeed felt helpless against the force of this blizzard. Many places lost power and some even lost their very lives. We are now counting our cost as we contemplate all that we would need to do to bring our lives to normalcy. Thank You for your protection and keeping.

Next morning:

Lord God it is the morning after the event and You have brought out such brilliant sunshine. As we contemplate this we see your Hand of reassurance that You have our backs in all the storm and You are going to take us through restoration. Please give us wisdom first of all and then strength in how we handle the dig out. Thank you Lord.  Amen (1/23/16

Winter Storm Jonas 1

God's power



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