Echoes from Peter Marshall




A Prayer by Peter Marshall – Chaplain to US Senate
(June 4, 1948)

Lord, we are ashamed that money and position speak to us more loudly than does the simple compassion of the human heart.

 Help us to car, as Thou dost care, for the little people who have no lobbyists, for the minority groups who sorely need justice.

May it be the glory of our government that not only the strong are heard, but also the weak; not only the powerful, but the helpless; not only those with influence, but also those who have nothing but a case and an appeal.
May we put our hearts into our work that our work may get into our hearts.

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My assignment

God's plan(for my life)

My assignment


O Lord God Almighty you made the Earth and all that exist in it. You have no beginning and no end. No matter how I feel I want to still give you praise because you deserve it regardless. Unto You be the glory, the power and the Kingdom. May your great name be exalted and forever praised.

Father there are times when I struggle to find out who I actually am and also what your current assignment for me is. I sometimes feel like I am adrift in a boat on a vast ocean. I want to succeed in something but I fear I will fail or will be incapable. I continue to place my destiny in your Hands. Help me dear Lord to hear your voice amidst all the tumult. Hold my hand precious Lord guide through such days may I see your beacon to show me the path to take.

Thank you thank you dear Father for everything you are doing, have done and will do for me. Glory be to your name. Amen (2/21/16)  

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I worship you

Worship God

I worship You


His Majesty, the King of Kings and the Lord of all Lords You are indeed the Almighty and Omnipotent your power is truly unimaginable. I come before You today as your child and your creation to worship and adore You. You are indeed slow to chide and swift to bless. There is no shadow of turning in You and You do not change as You have said.

 O Holy and Mighty God you are trustworthy and we can rely on You completely without any hesitation. You created me to live and to serve You and we are truly complete in You. You never cease to amaze me with all that You do for me. In trusting You I have never lacked even when all around me there seem to be nothing because You are all I need and you always come through for me when it matters.

O my Lord God, You are Immortal, Invisible, the Only wise God, your great name I praise. I worship you and I glorify your Name. Amen ( 2/14/16)

Worship God a


I owe it all

Grateful to God

Lord, God I want to thank You once more today and every day for the gift of my very life. I owe it all to You and I want to remember that fact all the time. You have made me what I am and will be in the future. My times are truly in your safe Hands and I am thankful.

Things may not always go my way all the time or even some of the time. I may be disappointed sometimes or I may be excited depending on how things go. I know that in all that happens you always love me and do everything for my good. Please give me the grace to remember all this whenever I forget.

Thank you my Lord and my God for everything.


Grateful to God a