My assignment

God's plan(for my life)

My assignment


O Lord God Almighty you made the Earth and all that exist in it. You have no beginning and no end. No matter how I feel I want to still give you praise because you deserve it regardless. Unto You be the glory, the power and the Kingdom. May your great name be exalted and forever praised.

Father there are times when I struggle to find out who I actually am and also what your current assignment for me is. I sometimes feel like I am adrift in a boat on a vast ocean. I want to succeed in something but I fear I will fail or will be incapable. I continue to place my destiny in your Hands. Help me dear Lord to hear your voice amidst all the tumult. Hold my hand precious Lord guide through such days may I see your beacon to show me the path to take.

Thank you thank you dear Father for everything you are doing, have done and will do for me. Glory be to your name. Amen (2/21/16)  

God's plan(for my life) 1



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