Mender of broken pots


Mender of broken pots



Your Holiness, the Great and Mighty Wonder, the Repairer of the broken, the King of Kings and the Lord of lords, I come before today with a heart full of praise, gratitude and openness. Indeed you give and give and never stop giving so we can always come to ask from You.

You reminded me today in church that you are still the Potter and I am the pot. Sometimes I come before You very broken but when I allow you to do so, You mend me. The wonderful thing is that when you mend you mend me with gold so that your mended work is done in such a way that I look better than before. Please always give me a contrite open heart to yearn for You and run to You whenever broken to be made better and reusable. Take away the temptation for me to try to mend myself or try something else before running to you in desperation.

Thank You Father, that you love me so much. Amen

Potter 1



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