In Memoriam – remembering the quick and the dead

Memorial day

In Memoriam -remembering the quick and the dead


O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder consider all the worlds thy Hand hast made you are indeed great and mighty and I cannot cease to praise and worship You. My heart is filled with nothing but gratefulness and I realize every day that the reason I live is to worship and adore You My Lord and My Savior.

Lord today is Memorial Day, a day when we remember all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice- giving their very lives for this country and also those who continue to live and have given much in terms of their service.  We thank you O God for their lives and the opportunities you gave them and the fact that they heeded the call of duty. Keep on Lord to protect all those who find themselves in harm’s way as they serve us.

Lord may you guide our leaders in the decisions they have to make on where to send and where not to send our men and women. Give them exceptional wisdom in what they should do so that only your will is done. Thank you O Lord. Amen (5/29/16)

Rolling thunder


I worship You

Worship God a

I worship You



Lord, as I stand before you I am filled with nothing but praise and a very deep sense of awe. Indeed your presence is so powerful I have very few words to say but only to say thank you, thank you. You have done so much and you continue to do so much for me. I echo the lyrics of the songwriter and say Lord I give you my heart I give you my soul. Lord, have your way in me. I give you once more all the issues I continue to pray about please have your way in all of them. Amen (5/15/16)

Worship God

He surrounds His children

God surrounds us

He surrounds His children


O Lord God you are so great and mighty. You are mighty to save us and protect us from all that the evil one plans us against us. We are so weak and you are so strong. Your love surrounds us and we bask in it all the time. How great you are O Lord.

Lord God help us to keep on trusting You always because your word says that just as you surround and protect Mount Zion so you also surround and protect all those who trust you. We know that when we trust you we will be able to stand firm and not be moved by any kind of situation and circumstance no matter how difficult. Continue O Lord to surround and protect us in these times and open the eyes of our foes that they may see your protection of us and flee from us. Amen (5/1/16)

God surounds us 1


Thank God for mothers

Mother's day

Thank God for mothers



My Lord and my God I praise and worship your Name which is above every other name. You are so wonderful and you are so mighty. Thank you for all that you continue to do for us all.

On this day which we have dedicated to celebrate mothers and all those who have had and continue to have some mothering influence on our lives we say thank you for all of them and the opportunity you gave us by bringing them into our lives.

Because of this opportunity we will continue to owe so much to the hand that rocked the cradle and also ushered us into this life. Please continue to bless all those who are playing this role at different levels in our lives and in society. Please help those who have not been the good example of mothers that they should be. Father, forgive them and help them to be able to make amends no matter how difficult and complicated the situations are.

Thank you Lord once again for all mothers all over the world including those who have passed on. All this I ask in your Name. Amen (5/8/16)

Heart of men



Our Lord God who made the heavens and the earth, we praise your Name. We bring our sacrifice of praise to you and we ask that you receive it. We are nothing without You.

Lord I visited the Holocaust Memorial and I have seen firsthand what happened to the 6 million Jews who perished under Nazi tyranny. May they rest in peace, O Lord. Lord after this tragedy the world promised itself that it would never forget what happened and to work to prevent any such outrage Lord it has been proven that we have broken this promise over and over and many other holocausts have happened and some are still taking place before our eyes. Lord we so quickly forget and repeat our behavior with new excuses. The victims of yesterday become the perpetrators of tomorrow. Give us all O Lord the ability to forgive and to resist the temptation to unleash wickedness under any guise and to look the other way when we can help. Without your help we will never be able to live peaceably with each other. Give us strength to do that. May evil be overcome O Lord. Amen (4/24/16)

Holocaust 1