Thank God for mothers

Mother's day

Thank God for mothers



My Lord and my God I praise and worship your Name which is above every other name. You are so wonderful and you are so mighty. Thank you for all that you continue to do for us all.

On this day which we have dedicated to celebrate mothers and all those who have had and continue to have some mothering influence on our lives we say thank you for all of them and the opportunity you gave us by bringing them into our lives.

Because of this opportunity we will continue to owe so much to the hand that rocked the cradle and also ushered us into this life. Please continue to bless all those who are playing this role at different levels in our lives and in society. Please help those who have not been the good example of mothers that they should be. Father, forgive them and help them to be able to make amends no matter how difficult and complicated the situations are.

Thank you Lord once again for all mothers all over the world including those who have passed on. All this I ask in your Name. Amen (5/8/16)


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