In Memoriam – remembering the quick and the dead

Memorial day

In Memoriam -remembering the quick and the dead


O Lord my God when I in awesome wonder consider all the worlds thy Hand hast made you are indeed great and mighty and I cannot cease to praise and worship You. My heart is filled with nothing but gratefulness and I realize every day that the reason I live is to worship and adore You My Lord and My Savior.

Lord today is Memorial Day, a day when we remember all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice- giving their very lives for this country and also those who continue to live and have given much in terms of their service.  We thank you O God for their lives and the opportunities you gave them and the fact that they heeded the call of duty. Keep on Lord to protect all those who find themselves in harm’s way as they serve us.

Lord may you guide our leaders in the decisions they have to make on where to send and where not to send our men and women. Give them exceptional wisdom in what they should do so that only your will is done. Thank you O Lord. Amen (5/29/16)

Rolling thunder


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