Our rulers and leaders

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Our Rulers and leaders



 Father, who on man dost shower

Gifts of plenty from Thy dower,

To Thy people give the power

All Thy gifts to use aright. –Percy Dearmer



Father you made all of us as human beings and we praise and thank You.  We uplift your wonderful Name and we worship You continually. We are thankful that you have given us leaders to lead us. Father sometimes they do not use the gifts you have given them alright and we suffer in many ways. Lord we pray for all those who have power and influence at various levels in our society. May they use the gifts that you have given them responsibly and for our good and not for themselves. May we be able to live a peaceable and quiet and prosperous life under their care and guidance we pray O Lord. Amen (5/22/16)




Celebrating all fathers

Fathers' day

Celebrating all fathers



Our Lord God Almighty who made the heavens and the earth, your glory and splendor continue to fill all the earth as we see your Hand in many of the things that happen around us. We stand awestruck and we can only echo glory, glory be to your name with the angelic host in heaven.

 Father on this day that has been dedicated to celebrate fatherhood we lift up all those who are natural fathers or those who play fathering roles in the lives of so many in our world today. Thank you for bringing such people into the lives of people to be blessings in many ways to them. In short, thank you God for all fathers. Please help all those fathers who have not been the kind of role models that they should have been to be able to right things. Bless all fathers. Amen(6/19/16)

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All bow before You

Bow to God

All bow before You


Great and Mighty God I come before You with my hands lifted up and my mouth filled with praise. I bow down before You Lord God. You have done so much and you continue to do so much that it is difficult not to continually acknowledge it. Father the earth is indeed yours and the fullness thereof as the Psalmist intones.

It is indeed refreshing to know that everything bows and will bow to You regardless of what is happening. It gladdens my heart to know that inspite of all the evil that is being wreaked around by evil people they are still subject to your power and bow and will bow to You whether they like it or not. Everyone great and small, old and young, wise and unwise will bow to you the earth is still in your Hands and I will always thank You for that. Receive your glory and praise  O Lord. Amen. (5/22/16)

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A new undertaking


New venture

A new undertaking



Ah Lord God your majesty and splendor is greatly displayed in all the earth because without You was anything made that was made. You are crowned with glory and we bask in your favor and guidance. You are indeed the God of beginnings and we neglect to include You in anything we embark on only to our peril.

Lord I have embarked on a new venture as I start a new course. It looks daunting and intimidating but you know everything and you hold my hand. You say when we go through the waters You will be with us. Help myself and so many who find themselves in similar situations now and then- starting new courses, new ventures, new responsibilities. Please Lord be their Captain, Guide, Mentor to see them through. Amen (6/4/16)