All bow before You

Bow to God

All bow before You


Great and Mighty God I come before You with my hands lifted up and my mouth filled with praise. I bow down before You Lord God. You have done so much and you continue to do so much that it is difficult not to continually acknowledge it. Father the earth is indeed yours and the fullness thereof as the Psalmist intones.

It is indeed refreshing to know that everything bows and will bow to You regardless of what is happening. It gladdens my heart to know that inspite of all the evil that is being wreaked around by evil people they are still subject to your power and bow and will bow to You whether they like it or not. Everyone great and small, old and young, wise and unwise will bow to you the earth is still in your Hands and I will always thank You for that. Receive your glory and praise  O Lord. Amen. (5/22/16)

Bow to God 1



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