Everpresent God


God is in control

Everpresent God




Where is our God?

Where is our God in whom we trust

Renew our faith in thee O Lord ! – Captain J.H. Tachie Menson


Lord God Almighty may your Name be praised. May your name be greatly adored. We magnify your name and we exult in your goodness. What will we do without you O God?

Lord so much has happened and is happening these days and we are left astounded. Police shoot people in cold blood and people shoot them in turn also in cold blood. There are attempts by some people to start a race war and sometimes tensions run high in communities. People pick up guns and go around killing so many on their own behalf or in the name of terror organizations like ISIS. Fear and distrust reign and politicians weigh in for their own purposes. There is so much sadness. People wonder where you are in all this but we know you are present all this time and indeed you care and watch over us or else it would have been worse.

 Breathe your peace over us and thwart the efforts of all those who seek to divide and destroy us. Protect us from the evil one. Turn our nation and the people to You in the midst of all these happenings that your Name will be glorified. Amen (7/24/16)





Make me like Daniel


Make me like Daniel



Omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God I come before you to praise and worship you. I empty my heart and soul to You my Redeemer. Honesty surrounds you and in you there is no darkness at all. Indeed thou changeth not and thine compassions fail not as the hymnist sang.

You called Daniel into service in Babylon and you distinguished his life with honesty so that no fault could be found in him by his detractors. Lord in a world where your children are tempted constantly to cut corners and atimes succumb to this temptation, help me to stand firm and be honest. May I be characterized by integrity at all times. When I am tempted to be dishonest give me the grace to resist and succeed. Lord make me like Daniel in every way. Amen. (5/22/16)

Daniel(prophet) 1


National and very personal


National and very personal



“Bless the Lord oh my soul, Oh oh oh my soul, worship His holy Name. Sing like never before Oh my soul I worship your holy Name…”-Matt Redman

Lord, so much has happened this week in this country that has left us torn up, torn down, sad and confused. On a personal level much too has happened and leaves us coming to terms with them and desperately praying for your help. I realize that through them all there is so much to be thankful and to bless, worship and adore You. I want to do just that because once again we are reassured that You are still in control and you have our backs and we will come through peacefully and return to thank you again and again. Amen. (7/10/16)

Dallas issues

Dallas issues  1

God bless America


God bless America



Great and Mighty Lord, we come with hearts full of praise and adoration to your presence. You never cease to amaze us by all that You continue to do for us. Receive your glory and honor O Lord God. Thank you, thank you Lord.

Lord on the eve of the remembrance of American independence we contemplate all that You have done for the people and country. America has come very far and your Hand continue to be on us. We have come from every nation on this earth to continue to build this nation. We celebrate all the wonderful things you have done and continue to do for us as a nation.

The Union has not been as perfect as has been desired and we struggle with new challenges on every front- social, economic, political, cultural etc. We know we can look to your help to overcome these challenges even as we add one more year to the life of this nation. May we draw  closely to You so that you will be able to bless us. May you bless America. Amen (7/3/16)

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