God bless America


God bless America



Great and Mighty Lord, we come with hearts full of praise and adoration to your presence. You never cease to amaze us by all that You continue to do for us. Receive your glory and honor O Lord God. Thank you, thank you Lord.

Lord on the eve of the remembrance of American independence we contemplate all that You have done for the people and country. America has come very far and your Hand continue to be on us. We have come from every nation on this earth to continue to build this nation. We celebrate all the wonderful things you have done and continue to do for us as a nation.

The Union has not been as perfect as has been desired and we struggle with new challenges on every front- social, economic, political, cultural etc. We know we can look to your help to overcome these challenges even as we add one more year to the life of this nation. May we draw  closely to You so that you will be able to bless us. May you bless America. Amen (7/3/16)

American flag




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