Everpresent God


God is in control

Everpresent God




Where is our God?

Where is our God in whom we trust

Renew our faith in thee O Lord ! – Captain J.H. Tachie Menson


Lord God Almighty may your Name be praised. May your name be greatly adored. We magnify your name and we exult in your goodness. What will we do without you O God?

Lord so much has happened and is happening these days and we are left astounded. Police shoot people in cold blood and people shoot them in turn also in cold blood. There are attempts by some people to start a race war and sometimes tensions run high in communities. People pick up guns and go around killing so many on their own behalf or in the name of terror organizations like ISIS. Fear and distrust reign and politicians weigh in for their own purposes. There is so much sadness. People wonder where you are in all this but we know you are present all this time and indeed you care and watch over us or else it would have been worse.

 Breathe your peace over us and thwart the efforts of all those who seek to divide and destroy us. Protect us from the evil one. Turn our nation and the people to You in the midst of all these happenings that your Name will be glorified. Amen (7/24/16)





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