That we may show your love to others

loving others

That we may show your love to others



Immortal Invisible God, the only wise One may your great Name be exalted always. The earth is truly yours and your power and presence is seen all the time. You are indeed a glorious God and you are caring and do not change and because of this we can trust You wholly and will never regret it. You are so generous with all that You give to us and we can hardly attempt to return your favor.

Lord many a time we do not show any kindness and generosity at all. We do not help the needy and we say many unkind things to people and also behind their backs. We hurt people so much and it so difficult to show your love to each other and to the world as well. Give us the grace O Lord to live like you did and may your love pour from our hearts to everyone especially the unlovely among us. Make us like you O Lord. Amen .(8/21/16)

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Counting your blessings

counting blessings

Count your blessings



Lord I echo today with the songwriter that you are beautiful and your face is all I see. Great is your name and greatly to be praised O Lord God. All of creation bow to you because you made it all for your glory. May your majesty and glory be seen in all that surround us O Lord.

You do so much for me constantly and it is easy to overlook them and only see the negatives around. I want to say thank you again and again to you O Lord and to recall your goodness to me and my family. I thank you first that I am alive and well. I thank you that you supply our needs. I thank you that I have a job. I thank you that I have a loving wife. I thank you that we have a handsome son. I thank you that I have brothers and a sister. I thank you that we have home, food to eat and clothes to wear. I thank you God for everything. Amen. (8/14/16)

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Discouragement is a luxury


Discouragement is a luxury



My Lord and my God I want to praise and worship you. I lift up your holy name and say may it be blessed always. Your kingdom lives and abides forever. You live in the present and at the same time in eternity. How would we ever worship you adequately because we are still learning about you every day. Thank you, dear God for everything.

Sometimes events conspire to make me disappointed but I have concluded that in many situations discouragement is only a luxury which I cannot afford because I need to continue to focus on you and to continue to press on. It is easy to become bogged down by events and for one to cease to press on and to hope till victory is achieved. Help Lord me to stand firm always to be able to overlook the temporary hurdles and continue to eagerly trust you. Amen. (8/14/16)

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With malice toward none, with charity for all


With malice toward none, with charity for all



Almighty Lord as I contemplate your goodness, mercy and love you show towards me and others every day I am left speechless  You are indeed a great God. I want to bask in your love every day because without that I would not survive.

Lord it is sometimes heartbreaking and painful to see how we who are called by your Name treat our Christian siblings and others who disagree with us. Our hearts are filled with so much resentment and hatred that we utter uncharitable words against them. We forget completely that you ask us to love our fellow men including those who despitefully use us and also those who are in the household of faith. Give us the grace whenever we have this temptation to be uncharitable to remember what You would like us to do in any situation and the example you left for us to follow when you walked among us. Give us the strength to be who we should be that your name will be glorified everywhere. Amen. (8/7/16)

Our Rehoboth


Our Lord God may your Name be praised. We will continue to exalt you.  You have no beginning and you have no end. You know everything and you love us so much. How will we ever be able to stop lifting up your name because you are our  Everything. May your name be forever blessed!

Lord as I recall the trajectory of Isaac’s life in the bible and what you did for him I find strength in your goodness. As a family we thank you for all you have done for us in this new land you brought us into. We declare this place our Rehoboth as Isaac did. May you make room for us here in America and make us fruitful in every way in this land. Amen. (7/31/16)

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