With malice toward none, with charity for all


With malice toward none, with charity for all



Almighty Lord as I contemplate your goodness, mercy and love you show towards me and others every day I am left speechless  You are indeed a great God. I want to bask in your love every day because without that I would not survive.

Lord it is sometimes heartbreaking and painful to see how we who are called by your Name treat our Christian siblings and others who disagree with us. Our hearts are filled with so much resentment and hatred that we utter uncharitable words against them. We forget completely that you ask us to love our fellow men including those who despitefully use us and also those who are in the household of faith. Give us the grace whenever we have this temptation to be uncharitable to remember what You would like us to do in any situation and the example you left for us to follow when you walked among us. Give us the strength to be who we should be that your name will be glorified everywhere. Amen. (8/7/16)


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