That we may show your love to others

loving others

That we may show your love to others



Immortal Invisible God, the only wise One may your great Name be exalted always. The earth is truly yours and your power and presence is seen all the time. You are indeed a glorious God and you are caring and do not change and because of this we can trust You wholly and will never regret it. You are so generous with all that You give to us and we can hardly attempt to return your favor.

Lord many a time we do not show any kindness and generosity at all. We do not help the needy and we say many unkind things to people and also behind their backs. We hurt people so much and it so difficult to show your love to each other and to the world as well. Give us the grace O Lord to live like you did and may your love pour from our hearts to everyone especially the unlovely among us. Make us like you O Lord. Amen .(8/21/16)

loving others 1


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