One day to feed the world


One day to feed the world


Majesty! Worship His Majesty

Unto Jesus be all glory honor and praise…-Jack W. Hayford


How can I ever finish thanking and praising You O Lord for all you do for me! It is difficult to be able to completely comprehend You. You are so great and mighty you continue to surprise me with your goodness. You are indeed a wonderful God. May your Name be exalted forever.

Lord today as a church we dedicated the day to support the ‘One Day To Feed The World’ initiative sponsored by the Convoy of Hope. We gave a day’s wage to help feed, sustain and empower many who are starving all across our world. Lord many a time with all the abundance that surround us and the wastefulness we engage in we forget that there are so many who have nothing and would need our love and help no matter how small it may be . May we always open our hearts and our purses to the poor as you asked us to do so we fulfill your will for us. Amen.(9/25/16)   




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