All over the world


All over the world



Almighty God I praise and worship You. You are indeed a gracious God and your kindness and generosity knows no limits. It just blows the mind to contemplate the extent of your magnanimity. Your power and presence is felt everywhere and nothing happens in this world which you do not cause or allow to happen. Your protection and keeping of us continue to be felt on a daily basis. Indeed you are our all in all.

Lord today we had a missionary and a bible college builder come to speak to us in church. Through him we realize what you are doing all over the world. It is refreshing to see the kind of places hitherto almost totally closed to the Gospel where a new wind is blowing. You are causing the tightly clad gates to yield and for opportunities to open for people to learn about you and in turn witness for You. I could not imagine that bible colleges and churches would be planted extensively in places like Albania, Romania, Siberia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh etc .Thank you so much for this timely reminder of all that you are doing in spite of so much evil, hostility and negativity around. May your Name be blessed and continue to be made known all over the world. Thank you Jesus. Amen. (10/30/16)




Jehovah Rapha


Jehovah Rapha


Thou O Lord art high above all the earth

Thou art exalted far above all gods…

I exalt thee, I exalt thee O Lord – Chris Quilala


Creator of the heavens and the earth and ruler of everything that we see around your gracious Hand is seen everywhere. You are indeed the Almighty God and you do what you want because there is no fault in You. Whatever you open no man can close and also whatever you close no man can open. You are the Door of Life and by You everyone who wants life enter in.

Lord, sometimes or bodies fail us and we get sick and we pray to you and get well. Others suffer illnesses that continue for long and ravage their bodies, they live in so much pain and their friends and loved ones suffer along with them too. Sometimes the sicknesses are incurable and they succumb to them.  Your word says you are the Sun of Righteousness and you will rise with healing in your wings to help the sick and infirm amongst us. Jehovah Rapha, our great Healer, please heal all the sick especially our brothers and sisters who love you so much and seek to live for You. Amen (10/16/16)


Our victory banner


Our victory banner (Jehovah Nissi)


I sing praises to your name O Lord

Praises to your Name O Lord

For your Name is great and worthy to be praised – Jentezen Franklin


Lord indeed your Name is great and you are always worthy to be praised. Let me continue to raise my voice to you in praise and also worship you with all my heart. Without You O Lord where would I be ? I am nobody without you and I always want to remember that and say thank you again and again.

Lord many a time we face so many challenges and they become so relentless and insurmountable. We are then so overcome and completely beside ourselves wondering when these will all end and what they would lead to. Then Lord we remember that your name is Jehovah Nissi because you  are our victory banner. When we have you no problem is too great or mountain too high to climb. You are truly our victory we wave your Name in front of the enemy and he flees from us. Thank you that we are overcomers in your Name. May we always bring up everything before you and believe that you will always be there to help. Amen.( 10/16/16)



Jehovah Jireh – You really supply


Jehovah Jireh- You supply


In the Name of Jesus

In the Name of Jesus

we have the victory

over Satan…


Jesus you are my everything. You are so lovely, you are so gentle you are so kind. You shine like the bright morning star. Oh you are so wonderful. No wonder your names are Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and the Prince of Peace. Lord you are the Alpha and Omega, truly the beginning and the end, whatever you open no one can close and whatever you close no one can open. Thank you Jesus, thank you Jesus!

Lord our needs and our wants as well are so many and sometimes we are overwhelmed with worry about how we are going to have them met. Lord and there also so many people all around the world who have basic needs like food, clothing and shelter and life is such a grind for them. Lord we remember that your name is Jehovah Jireh which means our Lord the Provider and since you are our Shepherd we will not want. Lord may you supply our needs as we ask you to and even when we forget to do so may you still supply. As you bless us may we never forget the poor and vulnerable and become channels of blessing to them that in so doing they may know your love. Thank you Lord for you daily provision. Amen (10/2/16)



Our righteousness


Our righteousness



I want a principle within

of jealous godly fear

A sensibility of sin

A pain to feel it near… – Charles Wesley


Lord I bring my sacrifice of praise to you. I feel that overwhelming sense of relief and joy because I know that you care and love me so much. Let praise and worship of you resound in all the earth. Arise O Lord and let your enemies be scattered.

Lord your name is Jehova Tsidkenu for you are our righteousness, you have cleansed us from our sins and you are our righteousness. You demand that we remember our calling to righteousness and follow it. Unfortunately righteousness and integrity which is an integral part has become a challenge for many of your children. Many call themselves Christians but struggle with issues of honesty and integrity as a result the world has little respect for us. Lord may you revive your children who find themselves in this situation that they would repent and live lives that would bring glory to your Name. Amen.(9/18/16)