Our victory banner


Our victory banner (Jehovah Nissi)


I sing praises to your name O Lord

Praises to your Name O Lord

For your Name is great and worthy to be praised – Jentezen Franklin


Lord indeed your Name is great and you are always worthy to be praised. Let me continue to raise my voice to you in praise and also worship you with all my heart. Without You O Lord where would I be ? I am nobody without you and I always want to remember that and say thank you again and again.

Lord many a time we face so many challenges and they become so relentless and insurmountable. We are then so overcome and completely beside ourselves wondering when these will all end and what they would lead to. Then Lord we remember that your name is Jehovah Nissi because you  are our victory banner. When we have you no problem is too great or mountain too high to climb. You are truly our victory we wave your Name in front of the enemy and he flees from us. Thank you that we are overcomers in your Name. May we always bring up everything before you and believe that you will always be there to help. Amen.( 10/16/16)




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