All over the world


All over the world



Almighty God I praise and worship You. You are indeed a gracious God and your kindness and generosity knows no limits. It just blows the mind to contemplate the extent of your magnanimity. Your power and presence is felt everywhere and nothing happens in this world which you do not cause or allow to happen. Your protection and keeping of us continue to be felt on a daily basis. Indeed you are our all in all.

Lord today we had a missionary and a bible college builder come to speak to us in church. Through him we realize what you are doing all over the world. It is refreshing to see the kind of places hitherto almost totally closed to the Gospel where a new wind is blowing. You are causing the tightly clad gates to yield and for opportunities to open for people to learn about you and in turn witness for You. I could not imagine that bible colleges and churches would be planted extensively in places like Albania, Romania, Siberia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Bangladesh etc .Thank you so much for this timely reminder of all that you are doing in spite of so much evil, hostility and negativity around. May your Name be blessed and continue to be made known all over the world. Thank you Jesus. Amen. (10/30/16)




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