Our shepherd


Our Shepherd



O God of wonders holy is your Name. May your name be praised always. Your glory and majesty continues to be displayed in all the earth. Let the chorus of worship continue and continue. You have done so much and you continue to do so much dear Lord. I am lost for words as I praise You. Let my spirit be lifted to You O Lord my Savior, Redeemer, Friend.

Lord you are our shepherd and we do not lack any thing because you provide.Jehovah Rohi, even when we ask you only give what you will and what we actually need. You are so gracious so you do not hold back on us though we do not do the same  to our fellow men. You are the shepherd of our souls and what we commit to you, You keep for us securely. You are a shepherd who protects and the enemy has not been able to destroy us because you are always with us. Great Shepherd be with us as we go to the polls this week and guide us. Thank you so much for everything. Amen. (11/6/16)




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