Arm Lifter


Arm Lifter


Immortal Invisible God only wise, may your name be always praised. Lord I lift up your name on high this day. Your name is the sweetest name I know and your word is so powerful. Receive your glory O Lord. Receive your due worship, My Father. You really leave me speechless atimes as I bask in how amazing you are. Truly you are the Ancient of Days and the Rose of Sharon. Glory, glory , glory be to your Name O Lord.

Today Lord we were encouraged in church to be arm lifters. We were asked to consider how we could work together with others to do things to glorify your name. Lord in a world where we are tempted to put down others in different ways and to go it alone such a reminder is so timely. Help us to continue to realize how much we can achieve by lifting the arms of others in support and working together. Amen. (11/27/16)




One thought on “Arm Lifter

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