Blessed Lord O my soul

Worship His holy name

Sing like never before

O my soul

I worship your holy name… -Matt Redman


King of kings and Lord of lords I come before you with my heart lifted up and my mouth filled with praise. I adore you and I prostrate myself before you as I am struck by how awesome you are. Truly our life is in your Hands and you really keep us. You are so faithful even though we fail you so often. Please come and inhabit my praise dear Lord. I just cannot stop pondering about your love and mercy O Lord God.

Lord God today we celebrate Christmas to remember how you fulfilled your promise to send your Son into the world so that He would later on die to save us. You used lowly people like Mary and Joseph to execute this purpose showing us that you can use just anyone to accomplish your purposes. I want to be available always to be used to do your work. Thank you God, for giving us Christmas without which there would have been no Easter. 12/25/16)








Who is He in yonder stall ?

At His feet the shepherds fall

‘tis the Lord O wondrous story

‘tis the Lord the King of glory

At His feet we humbly fall…  Benjamin Russell Hanby


Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace I adore your great Name. You are indeed God above everything.  When you speak all bow before you. The earth is yours and the fullness thereof. What would mankind do without You O God? You deserve our continuous praise and worship. Receive O wonderful Lord our sacrifice of praise. Thank you Thank you Lord Jesus.

Lord we live in a world where many a time people lift themselves up and they want to be perceived to better than anyone else. They become proud and arrogant and they do not realize that their lives are all in your Hands till the unexpected happens. Even your children too suffer from this malaise. May you bring low all those who raise themselves up in pride. Make us all humble and learn to depend on you always. Amen.(12/18/16)


Helping others


Helping others


God of my Fathers. God of my people. God of the mountains, the seas, the rivers, the lakes, the sun, moon and stars. Indeed you made us all and everything that makes up our great universe.  How do I keep quiet and not praise you? You have been so good to me my Lord and my God. I exalt you name my maker.

Lord Jesus as we prepare for Christmas we are excited at the opportunity to remind the world of your coming to our world and what you came to do for us to save us from sin and prepare us for heaven someday. Lord this is also the time when we take the opportunity to remember those with limited means and the disadvantaged amongst us. Help us to continue to do our best to help such without judging them. May we never close our hearts to them. Remind us Lord to take extra steps to help such people at Christmas and during the whole of the holiday season. Amen (12/11/16)



Spiritual War


Spiritual War


In the Name of Jesus

We have the victory

Over Satan…. – African American Hymn


Lord God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth. You who dwell on high and at the same time with us, your Majesty and your glory have filled the earth and when I open my mouth to you it is words of praise and adoration that I want to utter. You are so good to us all and I can sit all day just contemplating how wonderful You are. May you receive glory and honor all the time. Thank you my God.

Lord you remind us constantly that we are at war. We are in a spiritual war and our weapons are not physical but spiritual. These are the weapons which will break down the strongholds of the enemy and give us victory. Lord continue to open the eyes of many who are so unaware and are not able to fight like you want us to. May we remember to put on the whole armor that we may be able to stand. Keep us holy, prayerful and on our guard that you may always give us the victory to the glory of your name. Amen (11/27/16)