Blessed Lord O my soul

Worship His holy name

Sing like never before

O my soul

I worship your holy name… -Matt Redman


King of kings and Lord of lords I come before you with my heart lifted up and my mouth filled with praise. I adore you and I prostrate myself before you as I am struck by how awesome you are. Truly our life is in your Hands and you really keep us. You are so faithful even though we fail you so often. Please come and inhabit my praise dear Lord. I just cannot stop pondering about your love and mercy O Lord God.

Lord God today we celebrate Christmas to remember how you fulfilled your promise to send your Son into the world so that He would later on die to save us. You used lowly people like Mary and Joseph to execute this purpose showing us that you can use just anyone to accomplish your purposes. I want to be available always to be used to do your work. Thank you God, for giving us Christmas without which there would have been no Easter. 12/25/16)




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