Thanks, Lord


Thanks, Lord



I will praise the Lord

I will praise the Lord

I will praise the Lord

In everything… Anon


Lord God Almighty you are so great, so awesome. You are indeed a God without equal and it is only futility that awaits those who try to take you on. We are nothing and You are everything and what will we do without You O God? Your Name is truly above every other name. Really You are the Shepherd, the Wisdom of God, the Great Light, the Faithful and True, the King Eternal. You are what your names say You are, and this can never be doubted. May your glory fill the earth O Lord.

I am left so breathless whenever I experience your majesty. I am left with no choice but to be grateful. In this wise I want to renew my decision to give You as much praise and thanks as I can in this year just as I did in the past year. Thank you Lord for every single day of my life even if everything did not go the way I had wanted. May praising You never be a footnote in my life but the dominant theme of it. Thank You for today for taking me through my presentation and helping me to pass. Thank you Lord Amen. (1/8/17)




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