Bigger than anything


Bigger than anything



Jesus Messiah, name above all names

Blessed redeemer, Emmanuel

The rescue for sinners, the ransom from Heaven

Jesus Messiah, Lord of all ā€“ Chris Tomlin


O Lord all I need is to look into my Bible and I can see who you are. It is so wonderful to know all about you my Father. You are Lord of Heaven and your power is incomprehensible. You have no beginning and no end. Wow, how do I confront this with my human brain. You are the Bright and Morning Star that ushers me into the morning and day and at night You are the Star that shines through the night. In short your presence and protection is constant. Thank you Lord. Let me be able to praise you each day of my life, Lord I love you because you first loved me.

Lord God, there is so much that happens all around us day by day- some good some also very bad. They leave me happy but a lot of times sad. I take comfort in the fact that you are bigger and greater than any person, event, situation or thing that faces us because you are God. Thank you, thank you Big God! Amen (1/15/17)




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