His entry in triumph

His entry in triumph


Hosanna, hosanna,

hosanna in the highest

Glory, glory,

glory to the King of kings

Lord we lift up your name

With a heart full of praise

Be exalted O Lord our God

Hosanna in the highest – Carl Tuttle


Lord I lift up your name. Be exalted O Lord. You are indeed the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords. You will share your glory with no one. You are the Almighty and you have no end. You made us all and we want to glory in You our Maker. You are really worthy of all our praise. May You be glorified forever and ever.

Lord today we remember your triumphant entry into Jerusalem which started the events that led to your sacrifice on the cruel Roman cross for us all. Lord may you fill our lives with the rejoicing which occasioned your entry on that humble donkey into Jerusalem.

Lord even as we rejoice in your sacrifice, we are painfully reminded of evil that still abounds around us. We particularly remember our brothers and sisters in Tanta, Egypt who were bombed by ISIS during their celebration of Palm Sunday in their church. Lord protect your children all over the world and may your will be done for those who do such acts. Amen (4/9/17)



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