His mercy


His mercy


The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.
Your mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning,
new every morning:
great is your faithfulness, O Lord,
great is your faithfulness! – Church Hymn



Lord I will praise You because are a gracious and merciful God. I will praise You because you are my Refuge. I will praise You because you are my rock. I will praise You because you are a Patient God. I will praise You because you are the Eternal God, the Father and only God our Savior. I will praise You because you are the Holy One and the Lord Almighty. I will praise You because you are a Personal God. I will praise You because you are a Giving God.

Lord, you have had mercy on us so that in spite of all our many sins against You, you have not destroyed us but you have forgiven us time and again. When it has been our turn to do same to our family, friends and others we have held back. Please Lord work on us, soften our hearts, help us to discard resentment and to forgive when we are wronged. May we remember that You have had mercy on us and we ought to do likewise to others. Amen. (5/29/17)



Knowing Him

Knowing Him


Lord, I lift Your name on high
Lord, I love to sing Your praises
I’m so glad You’re in my life
I’m so glad You came to save us


You came from Heaven to earth to show the way
From the earth to the cross my debt to pay
From the cross to the grave
From the grave to the sky
Lord, I lift Your name on high-Rick Founds



My gracious redeemer, my Lord, my God and my Savior I come before You again and again. I come to worship You because you made me and everyone else and everything in this world. I come before You to adore you because you love me so very much despite who I am. I come before You because you are the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father and Wonderful Counselor. Receive your glory, receive your praise and may You continue to dwell in our praises.

Lord I echo the desire of Apostle Paul to know You. I realize that without knowing You the more I cannot grow in You. Lord give me that desire, that hunger to know You. Lord shapen me every day into who You want me to be. Let me know You better and better every day. Amen(5/21/17)


Sweet mothers

Sweet Mothers



 My child, obey your father’s godly instruction and follow your mother’s life-giving teaching. Fill your heart with their advice and let your life be shaped by what they’ve taught you. Their wisdom will guide you wherever you go and keep you from bringing harm to yourself. Their instruction will whisper to you at every sunrise and direct you through a brand new day. – Proverbs 6:20-22 (The Passion Translation)


Lord God Almighty I come before you today to praise You. Indeed you are the God who started motherhood by giving us Eve through whom all mankind came to this earth. God you are a really caring God so You showed it through mothers and other women. God you love us so much and gave us mothers to show us how to be loved. Thank you, thank You so much my Lord God.

Lord we have set today aside to remember the love, devotion and sacrifice of mothers all over the world from the smallest hamlet to the largest mansion. Lord once more we thank you for mothers and motherhood. We owe so much to the hand which rocked the cradle and guided us through life. We also thank you that you have provided mothers in different situations in life so that they have come to us in various shapes from natural mothers to adopted mothers. Lord we thank you for mothers who have gone on before us, we pray that you continue to keep and bless all those who play the role of mothers in our lives. May you also help those who have struggled with this responsibility and have not lived up to it to do better. Amen (5/14/17)







This is my desire
To honor You
Lord, with all my heart
I worship You
All I have within me
I give You praise
All that I adore
Is in You

Lord, I give You my heart
I give You my soul
I live for you alone
And every breath that I take
Every moment I’m awake
Lord, have Your ways in me- Michael W. Smith



I will sing your praises O Lord God. You are God above everything else. You are the Creator and nothing can exist without your will. I am so grateful to You O Lord for my life and for sending Jesus to save myself and mankind. Jesus how lovely You are. You are so wonderful and you radiate God’s glory and You are the Author of our Faith. King of kings and Lord of lords receive your worship.

Lord many a time as your children we have to make sacrifices foregoing what could be ours legitimately so that your Name is glorified. Sometimes we are cheated and we let it go because  we believe something good is going to come out of it all. There are even those who leave well paid jobs to serve You in low paid positions and also on the mission fields because they love You so much. Lord please remember the sacrifice of your children, protect them always, reassure and strengthen them and give them your peace and joy always. Amen (5/7/17)