Avoiding appearances


Avoiding appearances


When Thy soldiers take their swords,

When they speak the solemn words,

When they kneel before Thee here,

Feeling Thee, their Father, near;

These Thy children, Lord, defend;

To their help Thy Spirit send.


When the vows that they have made,

When the prayers that they have prayed,

Shall be fading from their hearts;

When their first warm faith departs;

These Thy children, Lord, defend;

Keep them faithful to the end. – Frances M. Owen



Father God I come before You to express my praise and admiration of you with shouts of joy and gladness of heart. You have done so much for me and you continue to do much more all the time I will make known to the nations what you have done and exalt your name forever. You are truly God without a beginning and an end and my heart and being will always continue to crave to know more of You each day. Thank you so much for all that you have revealed of yourself to us through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. When I have You I will never lack anything Thank you Jesus for everything

Lord as your children sometimes we behave in a way that sends wrong signals to those who are trying to see you in us. You have warned us in your word to avoid every appearance of sin because this makes you unhappy with us.  Help us in the words we express and the choices we make to glorify your name always. When our actions take us from the path you have set before us help us to find our way back to you and live to glorify your name. Amen.(6/11/17)



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