Father God

Father God



Abba father, God of all

Keeper lover of my soul

Throughout the ages unchanging

You are perfect in all of your ways –Nathaniel Bassey



Our Father who art in heaven may your great name be praised. You have shown yourself to be truly a Father who cares. You are also a Father who gives and gives. You are a Father who is slow to chide a swift to bless. You are a Father who leads and protects. You are a Father who mentors us. You are a Father who provides constant support and that is why You sent us the Holy Spirit to be with us always. Receive your worship and adoration for you are truly our Father.

Lord as we set aside a day and time to honor our earthly fathers both natural and adopted we want to thank you for providing them to us. We also want to honor the memory of those who have passed and are no longer with us. We thank you for their lives. May you continue to help our fathers to be blessings to us and may we never forget to honor them. May you help those dads who have not for various reasons been the examples that you have expected them to be to be able to do better. Amen.(6/18/17)



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