Tekel (we have been found wanting)

Tekel ( we have been found wanting)


As the deer panteth for the water

So my soul longs after You

You alone are my hearts’ desire

And I long to worship You.


You alone are my strength, my shield

To You alone may my spirit yield

You alone are my hearts desire

And I long to worship You – Martin J. Nystrom


My Lord, the Bright and Morning Star I come before you to sing praises to You. You are worthy King of kings and Lord of lords and I worship You. Lily of the valley, may your glory be over all the earth. Your Majesty my soul longs for you and you are all I desire. You are my Strength, my Shield and my Comforter without you I am nothing. Thank you Jesus for everything.

Lord God you are a patient God and you are slow to chide and swift to bless. You always call on individuals and nations who offend you to repent. When we ignore you as we often do we face your anger, we are literally weighed in the balance and found wanting. Lord may you have mercy on us as we continue to defy you daily that we may not have to face your anger. Amen.(7/17/17)



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