Sowing and reaping

Sowing and reaping



Thank you for the cross, Lord

Thank you for the price You paid

Bearing all my sin and shame

In love You came

And gave amazing grace


Thank you for this love, Lord

Thank you for the nail pierced hands

Washed me in Your cleansing flow

Now all I know

Your forgiveness and embrace


Worthy is the Lamb

Seated on the throne

Crown You…   – Darlene  Zschech


Lord with a shout of joy and a heart filled with praise I come to You. You are the Light of the world, and you are the Bread of Life. You are also the Gate and the Good Shepherd. You are worthy O Lord to receive glory and honor because you conquered death and made a public show of the principalities and powers. No one, no one can be compared to You because you are above everyone and everything.  You have satisfied my soul with riches of foods and with singing lips and my mouth will give you praise.

Lord throughout your word you warn us about what we sow and what we reap in return. Many a time we ignore your warnings and we do not sow good things so we reap the bad things(storm) and we do not understand why things happen like they do. Lord give us a humble heart and a listening ear so that we may hear you and heed your voice and sow good things for ourselves so we might not suffer the bad consequences. Amen.(7/23/17)


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