That we may return to You

That we may return to you



In the land of strangers,

Whither thou art gone,

Hear a far voice calling,

“My son! my son!”

Welcome! wand’rer, welcome!

Welcome back to home!

Thou hast wandered far away:

Come home! come home!” – Horatius Bonar


Lord I come to You with a heart full of gratefulness and a mouth filled with praise. O how do I start and where do I end you have done so much for me this week. You are really my Shepherd and you lead, guide and protect your children. I stand in awe of all that you do. Truly you are my victory banner. Let me lift up your great name on high and let me fall down to worship You, my Lord and my Provider.

Lord sometimes in the course of our life’s journey we yield to the temptations of the evil one and we stray away from you. For some of us we stay away so long that we find it difficult finding our way back to you. We get so entangled in the affairs of the world and we continue to make wrong choices leading us deeper into problems. Lord when we get into this situation please continue to have mercy on us. Help us to be able to hear and heed your voice that you might rescue and deliver us. Amen.(8/6/17)



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