Being strong

Being strong


Lord Jesus, when my courage fails,

when my familiar world is falling apart,

when light is lost to shades of grey,

then give to me again a trusting heart:

refresh in me the confidence to know

your love that will not let me go.


Lord Jesus, when my body fails

and inner demons bar the way to hope,

when drear depression pulls me down,

then give my struggling spirit strength to cope,

that, trustful in the good, I see God’s hand

in things I do not understand   .-  Shirley Erena Murray



Lord you have made the earth and sky and the world that we live in. Let all the earth praise you and hear your voice. Lord you made us puny human beings and You care so much for us. Your love is so wonderful and overwhelming and we just cannot give back enough to show our gratefulness. May our praise of you be ceaseless, Mighty God, Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. Thank you, dear Lord.

Lord there are many fears that grip us from day to day. We have fears about our health. We have fears about our finances. We have fears about the economy. We have fears about our jobs. We have fears about our families. We have fears about our security in the face of terrorism. We have fears about our careers. We have so many fears. Some are so deep that we don’t realize them till we react when something happens. Lord help us to be able to commit all our fears the named and the unnamed to You because there is nothing that we can really do except for you to intervene. Help us O Lord. Amen.(8/13/17)



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