Just saying thanks

Just saying thanks



Lord, I thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you all the days of my life.


Oh, Lord I thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you all the days of my life.


When I was down, Lord, You raised me [repeat 3x]

I thank all You the days of my life


Chorus [repeat 2x]


When I was sick, Lord, You healed me [repeat 3x]

I thank You all the days of my life –Carman



Father God I come to you today with a heart full of gratitude. I crave to lift up your Name today and to do that all my days even as you give me the strength. You deserve to be adored and worshipped always for You are our Everything and truly the King of kings and the Lord of lords. In You we live and move and have our being because you give us life and all that goes with it. May you be exalted forever and ever.

Lord today with a heart full of gratitude I come to you just to say thank you. Thank you for my lovely family and friends. Thank you for my very life. Thank you for all that you that you provide. Thank you for my job. Thank you for Ghana and America. Thank you for those who you give to us as leaders. Thank you that in spite of all the evil that lurks around you are still in control of everything. Thank you for the times and joy and even sorrow you give us. Thank you thank you Lord. Amen (6/25/17)


Father God

Father God



Abba father, God of all

Keeper lover of my soul

Throughout the ages unchanging

You are perfect in all of your ways –Nathaniel Bassey



Our Father who art in heaven may your great name be praised. You have shown yourself to be truly a Father who cares. You are also a Father who gives and gives. You are a Father who is slow to chide a swift to bless. You are a Father who leads and protects. You are a Father who mentors us. You are a Father who provides constant support and that is why You sent us the Holy Spirit to be with us always. Receive your worship and adoration for you are truly our Father.

Lord as we set aside a day and time to honor our earthly fathers both natural and adopted we want to thank you for providing them to us. We also want to honor the memory of those who have passed and are no longer with us. We thank you for their lives. May you continue to help our fathers to be blessings to us and may we never forget to honor them. May you help those dads who have not for various reasons been the examples that you have expected them to be to be able to do better. Amen.(6/18/17)


Avoiding appearances


Avoiding appearances


When Thy soldiers take their swords,

When they speak the solemn words,

When they kneel before Thee here,

Feeling Thee, their Father, near;

These Thy children, Lord, defend;

To their help Thy Spirit send.


When the vows that they have made,

When the prayers that they have prayed,

Shall be fading from their hearts;

When their first warm faith departs;

These Thy children, Lord, defend;

Keep them faithful to the end. – Frances M. Owen



Father God I come before You to express my praise and admiration of you with shouts of joy and gladness of heart. You have done so much for me and you continue to do much more all the time I will make known to the nations what you have done and exalt your name forever. You are truly God without a beginning and an end and my heart and being will always continue to crave to know more of You each day. Thank you so much for all that you have revealed of yourself to us through Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. When I have You I will never lack anything Thank you Jesus for everything

Lord as your children sometimes we behave in a way that sends wrong signals to those who are trying to see you in us. You have warned us in your word to avoid every appearance of sin because this makes you unhappy with us.  Help us in the words we express and the choices we make to glorify your name always. When our actions take us from the path you have set before us help us to find our way back to you and live to glorify your name. Amen.(6/11/17)


Pentecost again


Pentecost again



1 Spirit divine, inspire our prayer

and make our hearts your home;

descend with all your gracious power;

come, Holy Spirit, come!


2 Come as the light; reveal our need,

our hidden failings show,

and lead us in those paths of life

where all on the righteous go. –Andrew Reed


Lord God Almighty I come to You today to worship and adore You. You are the Most High One and you dwell in holiness. You do so much for me and I cannot praise you enough. You are good all the time. I love you O Lord and I am so grateful to you every minute of my life. I thank you for my family and friends. I also thank you for the Holy Spirit and his continuing work in my life every day.

Lord we remember the day of Pentecost when you fulfilled your promise to send us the Comforter to dwell with us always. For many the Pentecost experience focuses on the emotional and we miss the crucial transformational piece that enabled your disciples to make a difference in their world. Lord rain on us again and make us every day into the people we need to be for a world which is dying to be influenced in an age of confusion and spiritual need. Amen.(6/4/17)


His mercy


His mercy


The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases.
Your mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning,
new every morning:
great is your faithfulness, O Lord,
great is your faithfulness! – Church Hymn



Lord I will praise You because are a gracious and merciful God. I will praise You because you are my Refuge. I will praise You because you are my rock. I will praise You because you are a Patient God. I will praise You because you are the Eternal God, the Father and only God our Savior. I will praise You because you are the Holy One and the Lord Almighty. I will praise You because you are a Personal God. I will praise You because you are a Giving God.

Lord, you have had mercy on us so that in spite of all our many sins against You, you have not destroyed us but you have forgiven us time and again. When it has been our turn to do same to our family, friends and others we have held back. Please Lord work on us, soften our hearts, help us to discard resentment and to forgive when we are wronged. May we remember that You have had mercy on us and we ought to do likewise to others. Amen. (5/29/17)


Knowing Him

Knowing Him


Lord, I lift Your name on high
Lord, I love to sing Your praises
I’m so glad You’re in my life
I’m so glad You came to save us


You came from Heaven to earth to show the way
From the earth to the cross my debt to pay
From the cross to the grave
From the grave to the sky
Lord, I lift Your name on high-Rick Founds



My gracious redeemer, my Lord, my God and my Savior I come before You again and again. I come to worship You because you made me and everyone else and everything in this world. I come before You to adore you because you love me so very much despite who I am. I come before You because you are the Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father and Wonderful Counselor. Receive your glory, receive your praise and may You continue to dwell in our praises.

Lord I echo the desire of Apostle Paul to know You. I realize that without knowing You the more I cannot grow in You. Lord give me that desire, that hunger to know You. Lord shapen me every day into who You want me to be. Let me know You better and better every day. Amen(5/21/17)


Sweet mothers

Sweet Mothers



 My child, obey your father’s godly instruction and follow your mother’s life-giving teaching. Fill your heart with their advice and let your life be shaped by what they’ve taught you. Their wisdom will guide you wherever you go and keep you from bringing harm to yourself. Their instruction will whisper to you at every sunrise and direct you through a brand new day. – Proverbs 6:20-22 (The Passion Translation)


Lord God Almighty I come before you today to praise You. Indeed you are the God who started motherhood by giving us Eve through whom all mankind came to this earth. God you are a really caring God so You showed it through mothers and other women. God you love us so much and gave us mothers to show us how to be loved. Thank you, thank You so much my Lord God.

Lord we have set today aside to remember the love, devotion and sacrifice of mothers all over the world from the smallest hamlet to the largest mansion. Lord once more we thank you for mothers and motherhood. We owe so much to the hand which rocked the cradle and guided us through life. We also thank you that you have provided mothers in different situations in life so that they have come to us in various shapes from natural mothers to adopted mothers. Lord we thank you for mothers who have gone on before us, we pray that you continue to keep and bless all those who play the role of mothers in our lives. May you also help those who have struggled with this responsibility and have not lived up to it to do better. Amen (5/14/17)